Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

How can I add any song to the playlist of Mp3 Player?

Long press on the song you want to add to the playlist and then click on plus sign. Now, you can add the song to any existing playlist and also you can create a new playlist of your choice. You can also select multiple songs simultaneously to add to playlist. Or you can also add any song to playlist from song playing window by clicking on plus sign.


How can I remove any song from any playlist?

Go to the particular song in the playlist and swipe left or right to remove it from the playlist.


Can I delete any playlist?

Yes, you can. Long press on the playlist that you want to delete. You will get a popup to delete the entire playlist. However, you can delete in-built playlist like most played, recently played and recently added.


How can I delete any song from the app?

Again, long press on the song you want to delete (you can also select multiple songs) and then click on delete icon. Please note that it is permanent deleting on songs from the phone.


What is sleep timer in setting page of Mp3 Player?

If you want your app to stop after a certain period of time then you can use this feature and set sleep timer accordingly. It will pause the song after that particular time. We have set sleep timer at 12 hours by default. It means the app will automatically stop after 12 hours.


What is filter sort clips in setting page of the app?

This feature enables to remove annoying sort clips from the app. If you set it at 10 seconds then any clips less than 10 seconds will not appear in the app.


How can I change the theme?

Go to the setting page of music player and select theme. Here you can select any group of themes for the background.


Can I select the image of my choice as the theme?

No. We have not given this feature. However, we will bring this feature very soon.


How can I change album art of any song?

No, we have not added this feature in our app.


How can I select group of songs to play?

Long press on the first song and select multiple the songs successively. Now, click on play icon of the app.


How does equalizer work in the Mp3 Player App?

To enhance the sound quality of the music player, we have given auto syncing of songs with the genre. It means that any songs with rock genre will automatically play rock mode of the equalizer. However, you can turn off this feature by disabling equalizer. But, we highly recommend not to do so. It will change your perspective about listing music.


How can I reach out to the developer of the app for my concern or suggestions?

Just go to setting page of the app and click on the feedback tab. Now, you can send an email to us directly from the app. Or write to us at


How can I share this app among my friend circle or on social media?

Click on share icon of the landing page (song page) or go to setting page of the app and click on share tab. Now, you can share the Google Play link of the music player app with your friends or on social media.


How can I share any song among my friends?

Play the song you want to share and go to playing window. Now, click on share icon and share songs in the image format with the name of the song, artist, etc along with the songs. You can also change the image here. You can also do the same by long pressing on the song you want to share and click on share icon.


How can I set a ringtone to any song?

Long press on the song from the list of songs you want to set as ringtone and then click on ringtone icon. You can do same from the song playing window.


How can I edit metadata (name of songs, artist, genre, and album) of songs?

This feature is in the development stage and after conducting rigorous testing, we will update the app and inform our users.


How can I search any songs by artist or album name?

Just click on search icon from any page of the app (namely songs page, artist, and album or genre page) and search by any parameters. This search is pretty generic and will show all results from anywhere.


Which languages are available and how can I change the language?

Go to the setting page and choose your language. Our Mp3 Player app is available in 20 languages like English, Hindi, French, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, German, Russian, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Thai, etc.